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    Sala Omnia

    Due to the COVID pandemic travelling has been quite hard. After almost no trips abroad it was finally time to hit the road again. Late September a 14-day roadtrip through Romania was the new adventure. We had several stops along the way and lots of places to check. Halfway during the trip we stayed in the capital for a few days because high on our list of places that we wanted to visit was the Omnia Hall. A brutalist building which once housed the Romanian Senate and the National Opera Theater.  A little bit of History The building was designed by the architect Cezar Lăzărescu (1923-1986), in 1967, as an…

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    Doftana Prison

    This location was one of the main spots of our little trip to Romania in October 2019. It had been a pin on my map for quite a few years already but we never really made plans to travel to Romania again. But then a friend of ours asked if we wanted to go on a short trip for a few days and we, my partner in crime Leon and I,  quickly suggested going to Romania for 4 days to do some exploring there. And so it happened… A little bit of History Source Text: Tour of Communism Source Old Photos Doftana Penitenciarul first opened in 1895 as a fortress…

  • Cazinoul din Constanta
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    Cazinoul din Constanța

    When we were planning our roadtrip through Bulgaria, we decided that we also wanted to skip the border and drive to the city of Constanta to visit the Art Nouveau Casino along the Black Sea coast. And so it was done… Early in the morning we left Varna and headed to the border. After little less than 3 hours later we arrived in Constanta. We were early and had to wait a little for the representative to arrive and tell the security to open the door for us. When we finally walked in I had goosebumps…what a magnificant building!  A little bit of History Picture Source The casino was built…