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Vietnam – Part 3

Hue - Abandoned Waterpark

From the trainstation we took a taxi to our hotel for the next two nights: theΒ Nice Hue Hotel. Eventhough we arrived before the official check in time, the manager had made sure that our room was ready when we got there. I was really happy about that because I really could use a shower after the night on the train. If you are ever in Hue, consider staying at the place! The staff is really friendly and helpfull, the room was very nice and there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance.
After a shower we hopped on the motorbikes that the manager had reserved for us and we drove to the most well know abandoned site in Vietnam: An Abandoned Waterpark with a large Dragon in the middle of the lake.

Since it is a well known place, now many tourists stop here to make some insta-shots. It is so busy that the locals and the guard have a lucrative side business here. They opened a motorbike parking and the guard will let you onto the grounds for a small fee. He gets up from his hammock, collects the cash and lies down again.

Once inside we went straight to the dragon. I loved it!! One from the bucketlist and I was so glad that we were the at the right season. Sometimes the lake is completely empty and I just love the way the dragon reflects on the water.Β 

Fortunately the wind also lied down for a while! We walked around the entire lake to photograph some other places as well, but the highlight definately was the Dragon.

On our way to the Waterpark we had noticed a small decaying Temple along the road. When we were driving back to the hotel, we passed it again so decided to make a quick stop. Unfortunately the doors were locked but the exterior was also woth a shot!

In Hue riding the motorbikes was quite the challenge. The city is pretty busy and rules…well…there are no real rules I think. But we quickly got the hang of it and made it back to the hotel safely. 

The hotel manager suggested that we’d walked to ‘Hue Walking Street’ because most restaurants were in that area. It was good suggestion! We had a lovely presented and good meal at another Gecko Restaurant.

Motor Bike Tour around Hue

Our plan for the next day was to drive up and down the Hai Van Pass on our motor bikes. The trip would mean around 180km on a motorbike…on second thought, that plan sounded a bit ambitious. So change of plans…google maps showed a nice scenic route along the ocean and I had pinned a place called ‘An Bang Ghost City’. A cemetery somewhat 20km east of Hue City. The weather was amazing so we took off and decided to just stop at places that seemed interesting & just enjoy the day.

First spontaneous stop was at a boat repair place. While we were shooting pics I suddenly heard meowing kittens. I looked around but saw none. A few seconds later I heard them again, but still no sight of them. When I heard them the third time, I stopped taking photos and looked for them. Now I saw two little ones waggle towards us. They were so hungry that they were happy with the dry cookies that we brought along. Such cuties! Good thing I couldn’t take them home with me or else I would have put them in my bag and drag them with me!

The drive along the coast was such a lovely one! We again left the touristic part of Vietnam behind us and drove through small towns and villages. Seeing more of rural and authentic Vietnam then before. We found a disused temple and were up & close to a waterbuffalo for the first time. So of course I had to jump of and photograph it.

In one of the small town we noticed an overgrown small temple. We immediately turned around to take a closer look and it was worth it! Next to the small temple there was a larger one. Still in use but worth a shot!

More to come soon...