Hello World!

Hi! I am glad you found my little space on the World Wide Web! The site is still under construction and a lot of work still needs to be done…but I have uploaded a few of my photos from my travels already.

In 2014 I bought my first DSLR camera and because I didn’t want to just shoot pics in automatic, I decided to join a photography class. I live in the far south of the Netherlands, close to the German and Belgian borders…and since classes in Belgium were a lot less expensive than in The Netherlands, I made the choice to follow classes in Belgium. During one of the classes we were going on a field trip. The location we were going to was an abandoned railway station with some trains. I had no clue what to expect so I googled the railway station and ‘abandoned’. That resulted in not only pictures of the station but Google also showed me photos of abandoned castles, houses etc. etc. I was triggered to search some more and soon I discovered a whole ‘new world’ and it had a name: Urban Exploring. Hours I spent looking at photos, reading about the do’s and the don’t and with the research I also found my first few locations. The next morning I spoke with my best friend and asked he how she would feel about going to do something with me that was not really legal to do…she first looked at me funny but when I said ‘I want to explore some abanoned buildings in Belgium’ her eyes lid up and she got real enthousiastic. A few days later we were on our first trip to Belgium.

And that is how the journey started! 

The crazy hobby has taken me to a few amazing places and countries so far. My favourites being Georgia, Taiwan, Armenia, England and Japan (In no particular order). I will write a little about my travels on the blog pages of this website. In the gallery part of the site you will be able to see some of the photos that I have taken during these trips. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed taking them. If you have any questions of comments, feel free to contact me of course!